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Boys' Ties

They say that clothes make the man. They can help make the boy, too. No matter what kind of tie you are seeking to outfit the younger members of your family with, Absolute Ties can help kids look their sharpest with a full range of ties. Whether your preference is for a simple clip-on or zipper tie or a traditional prep tie that the wearer ties himself, Absolute Ties can help.

For an authentic look with no short-cuts allowed, the prep ties offered by Absolute Ties must be tied by an adult or the youngster himself. Prep ties at Absolute Ties are the boys’ version of dad’s tie that he ties himself. Like dads, the length can be slightly alternated by making the tail longer or shorter depending on where you start tying the knot.

Clip-on and zipper ties are a fixed length, so make sure to measure your child before ordering.