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Loosen up, let yourself breathe! A wardrobe that includes a tie doesnít have to make you feel either the pressure to tie the perfect not or the discomfort of a tight noose around your neck.

Absolute Ties can help you find the right accessory for your formal look without you having to concern yourself with memorizing how to tie a necktie.

Clip-on ties from Absolute Ties will help you look your best without felling stressed or nervous about not being an expert in perfecting an ideal knot.

The clip-on ties come with a small metal clip that you affix to the front of your dress shirt and the edges of the clip on ties knot are enclosed behind your collar.

Choose from paisley, plaid, X-long, dot, striped, novelty and holiday, patterned and the ever-trusty solid designs.

Grab an Absolute Ties clip-on, and be assured of sporting the perfect knot every time.