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Clip On Ties

Are you tired of trying to tie the perfect knot every time you have to head off to work or go to a special event? Use these men's clip-on ties to get a professional, sophisticated look in seconds. These are high-quality ties that no one will ever suspect as clip-ons. Instead, they look just as suave as any regular tie. As an added bonus, that uncomfortably tight feeling that comes from traditional neckties will become a thing of the past. You'll feel more comfortable without that pressure around your neck while still getting the look of the perfect knot every time.

Our men's clip-on neckties include a small metal clip that you affix to the front of your dress shirt. Additionally, the edges of the clip on ties knot are enclosed behind your collar, so no one can tell that it isn't a regular necktie. Just trying one of our clip ties for a single event will make you a convert for life. And because we offer a selection of attractive patterns and colors for high-quality ties, Absolute Ties makes it easy to make the switch to clip-on ties for men.