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Jerry Garcia Ties - Standard Length $19.99

Perfect time to save on Jerry Garcia Ties - Buy Now for best selection. At $19.99 each they are an amazing deal!

Absolute Ties provides ties for any occasion and to match a multitude of styles. Part of that is bringing our customers unique, unexpected and unusual sources of design. Jerry Garcia rose to fame for his music as a member of the Grateful Dead and as a countercultural icon.

What many people are unaware of is that he was also a talented artist who attended the San Francisco Art Institute. His artwork features interesting designs, splashes of color, varying themes and a sensibility that was evident in his music but largely unknown in the art world. Jerry Garcia ties can be purchased as regular ties, skinny ties, X-long ties, bow ties and holiday ties.

Vibrant colors and outside-the-box thinking reflect his personality and the way he lived his life. You can express yourself similarly with these ties for work, a casual evening out, a formal affair or any other occasion. These ties are 100 percent silk. They are approximately 56 to 58 inches long and 3.5 to 3.75 inches wide. Jerry Garcia ties will not only honor a musical legend, but you’ll look great as well. Check out the wide selection from Absolute Ties today.