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Jerry Garcia /SALE

Jerry Garcia /<font color=red>SALE</font>Just pick out 4 of these amazing Jerry Garcia ties and add them to your shopping cart. When you go to checkout the price of one of them will be automatically deleted. Order now for best selection. May be canceled at any time. In the event that one of your selections is sold out, we will notify you by email to pick another one so you don't miss out on the FREE Jerry Garcia tie! Be sure your email address is correct!

Jerry Garcia /<font color=red>SALE</font>With vibrant colors and unique designs, it's easy to see how these ties are inspired by the works of Jerry Garcia. In addition to being one of the most gifted musicians of his time, Garcia was also a talented and celebrated artist who attended the San Francisco Art Institute. His artwork, which displays vibrant colors and psychedelic designs, is a wonderful reflection of the colorful life that Garcia led. Fans of his music are sure to love these artistic ties just as much as they loved his amazing recordings and live performances. Our Jerry Garcia ties feature real examples of this artist's unique work. The designs vary widely from abstract lines and shapes to recognizable patterns with a unique twist. There are even seasonal ties in this collection that can be worn for holidays and other special occasions. J. Garcia ties may a lovely gift for any Grateful Dead fan. You may want to pick up a few for yourself as well since these ties add so much color, personality and style to any outfit.