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Novelty Ties

Fun & funky designs for the fun loving guys out there. Choose from our almost endless novelty patterns to show off your favorite teams, foods, animals and more. If cows are you thing, pick one of our unique designs to have the fun look that you want. We have ties that feature occupations, sports, and more. If you need a gift for that coach we have soccer, football, basketball themed ties and more.

Novelty Ties
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  • Animals
  • Art
  • Art of Escher
  • Cars & Transportation
  • World Traveler
  • History/Geography
  • Flags of Countries
  • Flowers
  • Food & Drink
  • Gambling & Cards
  • Holiday & Occasion
  • Lighthouses
  • Literature
  • Masons & Shriner
  • Military
  • Miscellaneous
  • Money
  • Music
  • Pink Ribbon
  • NFL, College,
    NBA & MLB Team
  • Occupations
  • Political Parties
  • Religious
  • Science
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  • Smiley Face
  • Sport
  • Texas
  • TV / Movies

  • Flags of Israel Tie
    Reg Price: $12.99
    Sale Price: $9.99
    Moose Capades Ties
    Reg Price: $35.99
    Sale Price: $14.99
    Akita Woven Neckties
    Reg Price: $24.99
    Sale Price: $7.99
    Briard Woven Neckties
    Reg Price: $24.99
    Sale Price: $7.99
    Cans Ties
    Martini & Olive Stripe Ties
    Reg Price: $35.99
    Sale Price: $14.99
    Pina Colada Ties
    Reg Price: $35.99
    Sale Price: $14.99
    Tango's Hot Air Balloon Fun Ties (Tan)
    Reg Price: $24.99
    Sale Price: $12.49
    If you're more the musical guy, grab one of our musical note ties or one that features the musical instrument that you play whether it be the piano, sax or guitar. We have tropical ties and world destination ties that show off your world travels.

    We have cowboy ties, Texas Ties and even snowboarding ties. Whatever you love, we probably have at least one design to show off at work, school or any party. If you love conversational ties, you've found the right place at AbsoluteTies.com.

    Check out the categories below for full selection in a particular area or just have fun looking at a limited selection of ties shown here.