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The trend for suspenders has been rocketing since last year. It still remains one of the favorite styles - sporty yet stylish. This look is very simple, yet understated and cool. These clip suspenders offer a classic, professionally alternative to a basic belt.

Suspenders have come a long way from just being worn under a suit jacket. Serious athletes as well as weekend warriors wear suspenders for a variety of activities and events. The variety and styles that suspenders come in is nearly unlimited. Our narrow style suspenders for ladies are perfect finish to add todays style & fashion to any outfit.

  • American Flag Suspenders
  • Animal Suspenders
  • Biker Suspenders
  • Broadway Glitter Suspenders
  • Camouflage Suspenders
  • Checkered Suspenders
  • Christmas Suspenders
  • Computing Suspenders
  • Flags of Countries Suspenders
  • Flame Suspenders
  • Food Themed Suspenders
  • Gamling Suspenders
  • Gardening & Farming Suspenders
  • Holiday Suspenders
  • Jacquard Suspenders
  • Kids Suspenders
  • Military Suspenders
  • Music Suspenders
  • Narrow Suspenders
  • Nautical Star Suspenders
  • Occupation Suspenders
  • Plaid Suspenders
  • Religious Themed Suspenders
  • Shriner Suspenders
  • Skull & Pirate Suspenders
  • Smiley Face Suspenders
  • Solid Color Suspenders
  • Sports Themed Suspenders
  • Striped Suspenders
  • Transportation Themed Suspenders
  • NFL, MLB & College Team Suspenders

  • Our novelty suspenders are available in animal themes, occupations, solid colors, stripes and more. For that individual look, try one of our unique suspenders.

    Suspender Measuring:(recommended) Measure the distance from back waistline of pants, diagonally over the shoulder, to front waistline. Most of our adult size suspenders are 48" long (generally fit an adult 5'9" to 6'2" tall), have sewn X back & metal clips. This is a guide not a guarantee they will fit. Like any clothing from any store, the only way to really know if you like the fit is to try them on.

    1/2" Charleston Suspenders
    Reg Price: $12.99
    Sale Price: $9.99