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Thanksgiving Ties

Be the talk around the Thanksgiving table by adding an element of flair to your holiday outfit. Whether you’re going for a classic, refined necktie or prefer a colorful, wild-for-turkey statement, any of these ties will become the focal point of your holiday pictures. Plus, these Thanksgiving ties can serve as a much-needed way to kick-start a conversation with any of those relatives you see only once a year.

From the whimsical turkey tie to a timeless autumn leaves tie, we’ve got your neck and chest covered this fall season. You don’t have to limit your tie-wearing to just the holidays: Some of these ties can be worn throughout the fall season, to show off your spirit (consider the beauty and brightness of our Jerry Garcia Pumpkin Patch tie). And for those who anticipate being a little messy with dollops of gravy, many of these ties are dark-colored to minimize the sight of a dribble.

Show your thankfulness this year by giving one of our Thanksgiving ties to the men in your life, or put your festive mood on display by wearing one yourself.