Bow Ties

For a distinctly different look, try tying on a distinctive bow tie. For those who dare to be different but still want to dress up a bit, these ties offer a perfect solution.

Absolute Ties carries a huge assortment of self-tie and pre-tied bow ties for men. Because our inventory is so large, bow ties for men are available here in just about any color or style you could imagine. That makes it a cinch to match any outfit, setting or taste.

We have traditional bow ties in basic blacks, blues and browns as well as gaudier colors like pink, purple and orange. You'll also find plenty of ever-popular plaid patterns here.

If you're looking for extra-long bow ties, check out our Kentucky colonel bow ties. Colonel Sanders himself would be proud to sport one of these unique neckpieces.

If you're wondering about the benefits of a pre-tied bow tie vs. self-tie, think about who will be wearing this bow tie. Although a self-tied bow tie will provide a unique look, a clip-on or banded bow tie will be much easier to put on.