Kentucky Colonel Bow Ties

Made famous by everyone's favorite Kentucky colonel, the western bow tie has a unique place in the canon of men's fashion. Otherwise known as a string tie or a Colonel Sanders tie, these ties were once staples in the American South and West, especially when paired with linen suits. While everyone recognizes these kinds of bow ties, they're not the most common kind of bow tie out there, so you know you'll create a fashion statement when you rock this kind of tie!

String bow ties from Absolute Ties come in all sorts of stylish colors and options, including the classic black style worn by the fashion icon slash southern colonel. Ours feature a timeless sheen material for a little bit of a formal flair and are made of a high-quality polyester material with a satin finish. Available in black, white, pink, brown, blue and more, these iconic bow ties are guaranteed to turn heads no matter the occasion!