Novelty Bow Ties

Once a novelty worn more for a sense of whimsy and irony than out of genuine attention to fashion standards, bow ties are now back in the mainstream of current fashion. But, while bow ties themselves have become far less of a novelty, you can still wear bow ties that sport decidedly novel themes and designs. Absolute Ties has a large selection of novelty themed banded, and self tie bow ties.  From food themed bow ties to music themed or Christmas and Hanukkah themes and just about everything in between. Absolute Ties has you covered in the most novel of ways. It's definitely not the choice of the understated, conservative dresser. You'll be either amazed, amused or both at the themes the novelty ties touch upon - everything from bumblebees to national pride with the American Flag or American Flag Stars & Stripes Band Bow Tie. 

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