Jacob Alexander Boys' Seersucker 14 inch Clip-On Neck Tie - Baby Blue

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That wrinkly striped fabric that make you automatically think summer! 100% Cotton. Offered in eleven colors, this collection is the perfect choice for any casual event outdoors or indoors. Looks great on men and boys of all ages and works as a matching father and son tie, appropriate summer wedding attire (for guests or groomsmen!), and for a fancy day touring the Vineyard. Jacob Alexander seersucker collection is offered in men's neck ties-regular, slim, extra long, clip-on; boys' neck ties-regular and clip-on; men's bow ties-self tie yourself, pre-tied bow ties banded or clip-on; boys' pre-tied bow ties; pocket squares for adults or children; and suspenders for men or boys.

  • Boys' clip-on neck tie - always knotted and ready
  • Boys' neck tie measures 14 inches (35.5 cm) in length from knot to tip.
  • Boys' neck tie measures 2.25 inches (5.75 cm) in width at its widest point.
  • Great to wear this to summer or beach weddings, or at any upscale summer soiree.
  • Jacob Alexander also carries matching seersucker pattern neck ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and suspenders, in both men's and boys' sizes.

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