Jerry Garcia Ties

Most people know that Jerry Garcia was the talented lead guitarist and vocalist who fronted the beloved rock group The Grateful Dead. Fewer know that the late musician was also a talented graphic artist.

Deadheads will love the unique collection of Jerry Garcia neckties and bow ties available here at Absolute Ties. But even those who have never heard of Jerry or the Dead will be entranced by the trippy colors and designs of our wonderfully creative Garcia ties.

These colorful ties are appropriate for a variety of occasions, from wedding ties to just showing you march to the beat of a different drummer. In addition to neckties, you can choose from Jerry Garcia bow ties in tie-yourself and banded versions.

If you're looking for a perfect present that can also save you some cash, check out our Jerry Garcia ties bulk gift boxes. Each set includes six wonderfully colorful and creative ties inspired by this gifted artist.