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Absolute Ties carries a range of X-long ties for taller people. With the Jerry Garcia X-Long ties, you can look great and show the world that you adhere to the individualist thinking of the famed Grateful Dead musician.

What a long, strange trip it's been to find an extra-long tie that perfectly expresses your personality. But you have finally arrived at the right place. Absolute Ties carries a large selection of Jerry Garcia X-long ties for taller people. Look your best while exhibiting your individualism, and a hint of anti-establishment sentiment, with X-Long Grateful Dead ties in such vibrant patterns as Abstract, Birdland, California Mission, Demon, Film Noir, Liquid Torso, Thistle Ghost, Van Gogh's Tree and others. Jerry Garcia was not just a musical artist, but a design artist, as well, and some of his most creative designs are colorfully depicted on these unique X-long ties.

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