Matza Bow Tie (Men & Boys Sizes)

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Matza Bow Tie (Men & Boys Sizes)

These matzah bowties are some of our most unique and whimsical Passover bowties for men and boys. With various sizes available, it's easy to find matching bowties for fathers and sons. Get a matching 10-inch pocket square for just $5 extra. Order now in one of four sizes:

  • Men's Clip-On Bowtie (2 ½")
  • Men's Banded Bowtie (adjustable neckband to 17 ½" & 2 ½" H)
  • Men's Tie-Yourself Bowtie (adjustable to 17 ½" neckband & 2 ½" H, additional $3)
  • Boys Banded Bowtie (adjustable neckband, 2" H)