Matza Tie (Men & Boys Sizes)

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Matza Tie (Men & Boys Sizes)

Make this Passover special with fun matzah ties. Our many size options make it easy to find matching Passover ties for father and son. Get a 10-inch matching pocket square with our men's ties for just $5 more. Choose from these size options (men's ties are 3 ½ inches wide, boys' are 3 inches):

  • Men's Standard length (56")
  • Men's Extra-Long length (62", additional $2)
  • Men's Clip on (20")
  • Men's X-Long Clip-On (23")
  • Men's Zipper Tie (20-1/2")
  • Boys' Prep 48"(tie yourself like dad's)
  • Boys' 14" Clip-On Tie