Mens A Sunday Afternoon Famous Artist Socks

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Mens A Sunday Afternoon Famous Artist Socks
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, by Georges Seurat. This phenomenal piece of art marked a change in the direction of which modern art was headed by demonstrating the use of neo-impressionism. Seurat is famously known for this painting in particular and the following painting techniques: chromoluminarism also known as divisionism which is a neo-impressionist style in which the painting is defined by a separation of colors into individual dots/patches that interact with each other optically, & lastly pointillism which is a painting technique where small and very distinct dots of color are applied into small patterns to create an image. / Cotton, Polyester, Nylon & Spandex Blend (1-2% Rubber) / Available in Adult Size Large 10-13 (Fits Mens Shoe Size 6-121/2)