Add a dashing look to your suit or sports jacket with a man's silk ascot from It's a sophisticated replacement for a necktie or bowtie that dates back to the 1700s. The men's neck scarf was named for Ascot Heath, a racetrack in England.

There, upper-class spectators made it fashionable to wear the stylish man's accessory to a four-day horse race known as the Royal Ascot. Today, hit TV shows like America's "Mad Men' and Britain's "Downton Abbey" have introduced new generations to this classic look in a man's dressy neck scarf.

Shop our collection of 100 percent silk ascots in white, silver, red, turquoise or other solid colors. We also have elegant patterned ascots for men. It's a wedding apparel accessory when worn instead of a bow tie and tucked into a dressy vest.

One classic way to tie your ascot is to drape the scarf around the neck so that one end is longer than the other in front. Cross the long end in front of the short end. Then, tuck the long end behind the short end. Pull the long end upwards, up and through. The ends, which should be about the same length at this point, can be pulled wide and tucked into a shirtfront, overcoat or vest. Whether you adjust it to be snug or loose is a matter of personal taste.