Tie Chains

Shop our handsome collection of tie chains in silver tone or gold tone finishes at AbsoluteTies.com. Tie chains are a sophisticated way to keep your necktie in place. Simply hook the clasp over a shirt button, and thread your tie through the chain.

We also have the popular combination tie bar/tie chain. We carry slender tie chains and rope-style metal tie chains. A tiny cross extends from several tie chain styles available in our collection.

Tie chains add a professional finish to your look by securing your necktie against your shirtfront. Many best-dressed men consider wearing a necktie without a tie chain or tie bar akin to walking around with one or two buttons missing from your shirt. Our tie chains are popular gifts for birthdays, holidays and Father's Day. Also browse our unmatched collections of contemporary and classic neckties. A handsome new tie chain deserves a good-looking new tie.