Men's Russian Bow Ties Are Real - Self-Tie

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Russian Bowties Are Real Self-Tie Bow Tie
Aside from being a great novelty bowtie, this is a quality bowtie featuring a soft microfiber finish. Measures 2.5" wide. Available in self tie and pretied banded versions. Adjustable neckbands up to size 20. Buy this as a gag gift for Dems and Republicans alike, or make a political statement & keep it as a collector’s item that reflects this era. Don't miss out on getting a commemorative piece of history! Everyone seems to have Russian ties, now you can have RUSSIAN TIES™ Available in self tie or pre-tied style. Adjustable neckband up to size 20. Collector's item that reflects this era. Get one for yourself and some more for gifts, REPUBLICANS and DEMS alike! Don't forget to send one to your congressman as well.