Breast Cancer Ribbon

That little pink breast cancer ribbon is well known as a symbol of hope, and its cause is a very important one. If you want to show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October or any other time of the year, Absolute Ties' breast cancer ties, socks, scarves and other accessories are all stylish options.Choose from either bold breast cancer bow ties with the pink ribbon printed all over, or subtle, more professional options with simple stripes or plaid prints that have a tiny ribbon in the corner. No matter how forward you choose to be, wearing the breast cancer ribbon in any way is a brave, supportive action that benefits breast cancer awareness. Absolute Ties also carries breast cancer socks in athletic styles or dressy options. These versatile socks feature large pink ribbons, argyle prints and even spandex blends that are helpful during charity soccer or basketball games. Our matching breast cancer sweatbands complete the athletic look, and they feature the recognizable pink ribbon as well. However you wear them, Absolute Ties' breast cancer awareness accessories are practical products for a great cause.

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