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Plaid Band Bowties

Dapper and natty, the plaid bowties from Absolute Ties will make a versatile addition to any wardrobe. These bowties are formal enough for dressier events, but their comforting plaid patterns mean they aren't stuffy. We carry a huge selection of these plaid band bowties, meaning you can find exactly the right one to fit any occasion and any outfit.

You'll find lots of handsome plaid colors here, ranging from traditional red-and-blue patterns to options that are a bit more bold and daring, but still tasteful. We carry lots of wonderful plaid choices, with color schemes ranging from those that blend into the background to styles that practically demand attention.

Whichever ones you choose, you'll enjoy the convenience of these banded bowties. They're pre-tied, which means you can put them on and take them off speedily.