Polka Dot Ties

Along with checks and stripes, polka dots are arguably some of the most popular tie patterns around, making them total must-haves for work, weekends and special occasions. Whether done in miniatures or oversized circles, polka dots bring a unique personality to any ensemble. At Absolute Ties, we're big on helping our well-dressed clientele find the perfect polka dot ties for every last occasion, from relaxed backyard weddings to ultra-formal fundraisers.

You'll find a polka dot tie here that suits your original outfit visions, regardless of color scheme, formality or budget. Our ties run the gamut from uncompromisingly timeless black and white polka dotted ties to contemporary versions in purples, pinks and pastels. The great thing about polka dotted styles is that they're simple to incorporate - pair them with casual, solid jackets, pressed, patterned shirts or denim. No matter how they're styled, dots always look dapper!