Red Solid Color Tonal Stripe Ties

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Red Solid Color Tonal Stripe Ties

If you're looking for a power tie, consider the men 's and boys' red solid color tonal stripe ties from Absolute Ties. Featuring eye-catching red stripes, this polyester tie will command respect. It's also available in a pre-tied version that comes with a band or clips on so you can put it on without hassles. This tie works great for men going from the boardroom to dinner, or for younger men from graduation parties to prom. Men's standard length (58" long & 3 1/2" wide), Men's zipper tie (21" long & 3 1/2" wide), Men's clip-on tie (20" long & 3 1/2" wide), Boys' prep (49" long & 2 3/4" wide) (tie yourself, like dad's), and Boys' clip-on tie (14" long & 2 3/4" wide)