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Solid Color Ribbed Ties

Ribbed TiesRibbed color ties add understated complexity to your look. This style of tie is also referred to as corded and has the colors to fit your tastes and complete your wardrobe. We carry any color you could possibly want or imagine from the simplest colors red, navy, brown and black to more imaginative options burgundy, turquoise, teal, gold, olive and pink. For the adventurous dresser, the more conventional dresser and anyone in between, we have the ties you want.

Ribbed Ties
When seeking elegance for business or a night out, these ties say class and taste making it appear as if you spent a fortune when you really didn't. With ties in woven silk and polyester, they measure approximately 56 inches long and 3.75 inches wide. We offer low cost shipping to the US. We seek full customer satisfaction and repeat business, so you know you're getting quality at a great price from