Seersucker Ties/Bow Ties

Who doesn't love the relaxed yet luxurious look of seersucker material? This classic menswear fabric is known for its thin feel and puckered look. In fact, the word seersucker translates from the Persian for "milk and sugar," probably due to the unique combination of smooth and textured fabric. Thanks to its light, airy feel, seersucker is historically associated with spring and summer, making it perfect for complementing ensembles for garden parties, derby affairs, summer weddings and all of your pressed, preppy looks.

At Absolute Ties, you'll find the most sensational seersucker bow tie or tie for your next set of special occasions. Give it some serious springtime style with a seersucker tie in a pastel hue - hello, soft purples, blues and greens - or add a tiny bit of formality with a striped seersucker bow tie featuring black or navy stripes. No matter the occasion or your personal style, there's no scenario where one of these sensational seersucker staples won't tie it all together!