Thanksgiving Socks

Keep your feet cozy, warm and well-decorated this Thanksgiving holiday with our Thanksgiving socks for men. A perfect gift for the men in your life or as a gift to yourself, these socks have unique designs that were created to give you a moment of fun during downtime with the family or just as you're getting dressed that morning.

Each pair of socks features the star of the day - the turkey - in all his glory, with outstretched feathers, as well as a fully cooked version (check out the Men's Carving the Turkey Thanksgiving Socks). After all, men's role during the holiday has traditionally been the cutting of the turkey. Add another tradition to the mix by wearing socks that catch attention and will make your family members smile. Or, if you want to give a gift to the special someone in your life, give him a reason to smile every time he walks around during this American holiday.

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