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Striped Self Tie Bowties

The debate rages on over pre-tied vs. self-tied bowties for men. Which is better?

Each type of bowtie has its pros and cons. If you prefer the unique look that a self-tied bowtie will give you and are willing to take a few extra seconds to tie your own or learn how to, Absolute Ties offers a huge selection of great-looking striped self-tie bowties.

These ties are available in a wide range of color selections, giving you plenty of options to dress for occasions ranging from elegant dinner dances to more informal parties that still require a little dressing up. Choose from a wide variety of colors spanning the rainbow and then some.

You can also pick from a variety of stripes and designs, including thin as well as thick stripes. Some of these bowties are reversible, adding versatility to your wardrobe and allowing you to change your look in seconds.